Free Adult Privacy Browser Released

Horn Lake, MS - Phase Two Software has decided that adult webmasters should be able to profit from its free adult privacy browser, Adult Browser Pro. Adult Browser Pro is a hidden "stealth" privacy browser that requires a login to access and hides your Internet activity while providing free porn to its users. The free porn comes from Sex Sites Now (, a free website that now allows tgp submissions from other webmasters. Anyone can access Sex Sites Now with or without using Adult Browser Pro. Another option for webmasters to profit from Adult Browser Pro is by submitting their commercial sites to the browser's adult search engine, Stealth Scout ( This is an adult search engine that unlike Booble, is not in danger of legal action from Any web user can surf to this search engine, or Adult Browser Pro customers can simply click on the "Search" icon in the browser to access it. Stealth Scout is a notch above its competition because the admins make a conscious effort not to list sites that generate popups, increasing the friendliness and use of the search engine. For more information, please visit the site at