Sydney Leathers on CamSoda Tonight

LOS ANGELES — Sydney Leathers will be performing live on CamSoda tonight at 7:30 p.m. (PDT).

“I’m excited to broadcast myself to my fans tonight on CamSoda,” Leathers said. “I promise each and every one of them a show that will not disappoint. I encourage everyone to come and check me out, Carlos Danger included. There will be plenty of erotic fun, so save your weiner beating until my show.”

Leathers was thrust into the national spotlight in 2013 for her role in Weinergate, which effectively deflated congressman Anthony Weiner’s political career, crippling his mayoral bid for NYC, a representative indicated. Following her involvement in the scandal (Leathers was Weiner’s sexting partner), Leathers entered into the adult entertainment industry and starred in her first movie, “Weiner and Me” that same year.

“We’re ecstatic that Sydney will officially join the CamSoda family tonight and are very much looking forward to popping her CamSoda cherry,” said a CamSoda representative. “Sydney is no stranger to the spotlight and we welcome her legion of fans to check out her exclusive show on CamSoda. She has assured us it will feature plenty of … weiner provoking fun.”

Leathers can be booked by contacting For more information, follow her on Twitter or Instagram

For more information and to receive complementary tokens,visit Leather’s CamSoda profile here.