Candidate Poses Nude

Gretchen Gallen
QUEENSLAND, Australia – The campaign trail Down Under gets pretty racy around this time of the year, but according to Queensland locals, the political campaigning of one particular candidate running for the senate went too far.

Former porn star and political candidate Jodie Moore had no qualms about buying advertising space on a local billboard to promote her run for the senate as a member of the Pornstar Party. Although Moore decided to do it classic porn style in which she posed nude on all fours with the slogan: "Queensland, I'll promote it."

The racy billboard, which would even turn an eye in major U.S. metropolitan cities, was reportedly so provocative that it was disrupting traffic, and a flurry of citizen complaints forced the Mains Roads Department, the equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles, to censor the ad.

The one-time billboard campaign cost Moore and her Pornstar Party cohorts $26,000.

According to, the ad will be taken down by tomorrow unless Moore reshoots the ad or has graphic designers paint clothing on her.

Representatives for the Pornstar Party are saying that Moore has decided to concede to the demands of local authorities and she will "resubmit" the billboard with the requested adjustments.

The offices of the Tourism Minister and the local councilor have been swamped with complaints about the sign from constituents, reports.

"It's offensive and a traffic hazard and I asked Main Roads to see what could be done about it," a Tourism Minister spokesperson was quoted as saying. "Beenleigh is a family area and it's not the sort of thing you want to see when you're driving down the motorway."

According to reports, Moore will continue her campaign for the upcoming federal election.