First Mobile Cash Launches

First Mobile Cash Launches
Melissa Santana

CYBERSPACE — First Mobile Cash affiliate program today announced the launch of its newest site,

“Virtual Reality offers a new dimension of excitement for shemale lovers,” said CEO Rene Pour. “A lot of people who enjoy transsexual porn, have very little to choose from if they want to immerse themselves in a tranny VR experience and we are changing that for them immediately.

"We understand the massive difference that VR porn is already making for straight, gay and bi audiences,” Pour continued. “For us the medium needs to be open to all people regardless of their orientations or where they put themselves on the sexual spectrum. One look at the content we are producing shows you that we are fans every bit as much as we are publishers too.”

As part of the launch, the site announced an ambitious update schedule that will include at least one new scene every week on Friday. According to a representative, the site features shemales from different ethnic backgrounds, with various penis sizes, breasts and personalities. 

“Right now you can put on your VR gear and enjoy the sexual company of fabulous shemales like Kimber Lee, Mia Maffia and Nikki Montero in the most immersive VR environment ever recorded,” Pour added. “Shemales are getting more popular every year and we're not afraid of breaking new ground. Work with us to promote this trending new brand, or sit back and relax as you enjoy the greatest trans porn content online, available exclusively for you at today. We look forward to pleasing you!”