CockyBoys Winner of 4 Grabby Awards

NEW YORK — Gay adult studio CockyBoys took home four Grabbys at this year’s show held over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

CockyBoys' smash hit “One Erection” won Best Director, going to CockyBoys Jake Jaxson and ChiChi LaRue. Best Group Scene went to CockyBoys' Tayte Hanson, Levi Karter, Colby Keller, Allen King, Liam Riley and Kody Stewart, also in “One Erection.”

Additionally, CockyBoys' Star Carter Dane won Best Newcomer. This is the fourth year out of the past five years that a CockyBoys performer has won best newcomer. First was Max Ryder, then Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson and now Carter Dane. 

CockyBoys superstar Liam Riley took home the Best Twink award, for the second time now at the Grabbys, rounding out the four trophies the studio took home this year.

CockyBoys Owner and director Jake Jaxson said, "Thank you to the Grabbys for acknowledging the hard work we all put into making these movies. I want to thank ChiChi LaRue again for making ‘One Erection’ come to life. I couldn't be more proud to share the Best Director award with her. Also, congratulations to ChiChi and the boys for the Best Group Scene award, it was well deserved.”

“Of course Liam Riley won Best Twink in the business and Carter Dane was certainly the industry's best newcomer. Congratulations to all," Jaxson said.

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