Harriet Sugarcookie Offers Tips to Bypass U.K.'s Age-Verification

LONDON — HarrietSugarcookie.com is offering U.K. fans essential tips to circumvent the country’s Digital Economy Act, a restrictive law set to go into effect this summer.

“In order to continue browsing porn, users could be asked to hand over their phone number, passport, driver’s license, allow a lookup on the electoral roll or even pay a visit to the post office,” Harriet Sugarcookie wrote in her new article titled, “How to Bypass UK’s Age Verification and Unblock Porn Sites.” 

“Do you want to hand that information over to a porn site? No. Neither do we,” added Sugarcookie of the newly-passed law that will restrict online access to over four million adult entertainment sites worldwide.

Using a colorful infographic, Sugarcookie details six simple methods to get around the Digital Economy Act’s limitations on online porn viewing, from connecting to a VPN (“it’s an easy way of tricking websites into thinking you are browsing from another country… pick a VPN location that does not censor porn” to using a DNS server, Tor browser or a proxy site.)

For all the hysteria, however, “it’s worth noting that there are lots of gaps in the Digital Economy Act 2017,” Sugarcookie expressed. “Social media sites are not affected. You can access as much porn as you like on Reddit or Twitter, so it’s always worth following your favorite sites and companies on social sites. You will never be completely cut off.” 

“Plus with 4 million porn sites and growing on the web,” she concluded in her article, “It won’t be possible to block everything. With a little luck, the UK government will just quietly forget about this law as time goes on. Hopefully before too much harm is done.”  

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