Kat Dior, New Savages Launch ClubKatDior.com

LOS ANGELES — New Savages today announced the launch of Kat Dior’s official fansite, ClubKatDior.com, the newest platform to its network.

“I’m so thrilled that my site has launched,” Dior said. “I’m super active on twitter, but this is just a whole new level of getting personal with my fans. I’m shooting lots of content for my site so you’ll see all the incredibly nasty dirty things that you don’t get to see in my other work. I’m doing a lot of firsts for ClubKat including my first interracial DP. Guys and girls are in for a real treat.”

ClubKatDior.com is designed to give fans unparalleled access to exclusive content, with the addition of Shop.ClubKatDior.com, the new source for all Dior’s digital and tangible product lines, according to a representative.

New Savages was created by Director JackTheZipper as a way to provide performers with the necessary technology, support and infrastructure needed to control their own career, brand and destiny in the ever changing digital media landscape.

“Kat Dior, she’s a true force of nature redefining what it is to be an adult star in the here and now,” Jack said. “We did these guerrilla night shoots all over town with just a trench coat and a getaway driver. I had a premonition that was the way to get to the truth about what she’s all about and yes indeed it’s those raw ass, exhibitionist images that we chose hands down to use throughout the ClubKat.”

NewSavages.com is currently “developing several other official sites for a host of high profile performers and will be expanding the network to other like-minded professionals in the future.”