HarrietSugarcookie.com Explores Future of Sex Robots

LONDON — HarrietSugarcookie.com polled 500 men to measure their views on the future of sex with female sex robots that can mimic human emotions.

2017 XBIZ Web Star of the Year Harriet Sugarcookie’s new article, “Intelligent Robots Are Coming, Are We Ready?” (video also available on YouTube) charts men’s fetishes in a revealing infographic about the future of interactive sex toys and their potential personal attachment to them.

Sugarcookie surveyed men of all ages from North America, the U.K. and Australia to determine “male attitudes to sex robots to find out if we are ready for them.” 

Sugarcookie noted that “a full 71 percent of men admitted that they would be totally fine with robot sex… seven percent absolutely would not have sex with a robot and the remaining 22 percent just weren’t sure,” adding that “sex toy makers should take note that although many men would sleep with a sex robot, 68 percent of the men we surveyed had never used any male sex toys.”

As sex dolls go on sale to the public in late 2017, Sugarcookie reported that the hefty price tag for such a thrill might sway potential suitors.

“Sex robots will be a big-ticket item, at least to begin with,” Sugarcookie wrote. “Most men simply aren’t prepared to spend that kind of money.”  

The majority of men polled would only want to spend about $750, as they “don’t want to spend anywhere near what they would on their real-world counterparts like escorts, sugar babies or marriage… they are not going to be cheap enough to become a common addition to men’s bedrooms quite yet.”

“Maybe there will need to be some adjustment in sexual attitudes," Sugarcookie added. "In some ways men will treat sex robot relationships just as they would with a human. But in other ways, not so much. Lot of jealous robots out there with only one-third of men saying they will be faithful robo-lovers. . . that will have to cause some problems, if every-sci-fi movie ever is anything to go by.”

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