Erotic Heritage Museum Takes on Westboro Baptist Church in Vegas

LAS VEGAS — On April 20, The Erotic Heritage Museum will stand against the Westboro Baptist Church as they present their “Gospel of Jesus” on CSN and UNLV campuses.

“I can say with pretty much one hundred percent certainty that if the WBC is against it, the EHM and most of the thousands who come through our doors yearly, are for it… whatever ‘it’ happens to be,” said Dr. Victoria Hartmann, The Erotic Heritage Museum’s executive director. “And although I champion Mr. Phelps and his organization’s right to express their opinion, I can as easily declare that when a group like this slips into town puking their hatred for sexual freedom and sex positive culture, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTIQAA+ rights and sexual free speech, the EHM will be just as vocal in how positively we feel about these issues.”

Representatives from The Erotic Heritage Museum will be on hand at both university campuses from 6:30-8:30 a.m. For more information, follow the museum on Twitter.