Yanks.com Unveils New Scenes

SEATTLE — XBIZ Award-nominated site Yanks.com has released multiple new scenes, featuring female-produced amateur content showcasing real women performing in real first-time sexual situations.

"Our performers present themselves in an all-natural, approachable way to appeal to customers that appreciate real women," said Todd Spaits, CMO of Yanks.com. "And VR's first-person/one-on-one POV angle adds to that appeal exponentially, bringing these girls to life. 

"Our all-female shooting team presents women's sexuality in a more natural way," Spaits continued. "We are proud to present women who create a genuine and authentic experience for the viewer, as the performers in our movies do what they want to do... no scripts, no faked orgasms, just pure ecstasy."

A spokesperson added, “The company’s all-girl VR content has helped usher in a new wave of amateur 'reality porn' where viewers build a virtual relationship with performers to better experience the raw energy of their scenes.” 

For more information, follow Yanks.com’s official Twitter.