Sienna Sinclaire Releases 'Naughty Guide to San Diego'

LOS ANGELES — Sienna Sinclaire, who founded the Naughty Lifestyle Empire, has announced the release of “Naughty Guide to San Diego,” the fourth edition of her “sexy travel guide” series.

The guide contains 164 photographed pages of sexy and fun things to do in San Diego, including where to find strip clubs, mistresses, dungeons, swinger clubs, naughty massages, sex toy stores, restaurants, bars, hotels and more. 

The e-book version includes a free walking tour of the Gaslamp District, which features naughty facts researched by Sinclaire.

“I decided to write this edition and include the walking tour as I’ve taken many of my meet up groups on this specific tour and everyone always has a blast,” Sinclaire said. “So I wrote it for my readers to do on their own and have just as much fun.”

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