Homegrown Announces Partnership With YourPaysitePartner, Stunner Media

LOS ANGELES — Homegrown Video has announced a new partnership with YourPaysitePartner.com and Montreal-based Stunner Media.

The agreement, Homegrown said, “leverages the enormous brand potential from three decades of content creation that stretch as far back as the VCR days.” Homegrown Video was founded in 1982.

“What excited me about this move is the way their services integrate with what we do best in house,” said Homegrown Video.com’s Spike. “Homegrown Video will continue to distribute all of our products across cable, satellite, DVD, Internet, and new alternative platforms as we move forward together.”

Spike said, “Meanwhile, YPP and Stunner Media provide value with many improvements behind the scenes, extensive relationships via their own client network, and a true understanding of what it takes to maximize revenue in the modern adult marketplace.”

KennyB, a spokesperson for YourPaysitePartner.com, said he looks forward to working with Homegrown Video.

“I’ve always had huge respect for the brand Homegrown have built over the years,” KennyB said. “Homegrown isn’t just another network of generic sites; they are the original pioneers and innovators of perhaps the most lucrative niche in the history of adult entertainment. I see our role in this relationship as being a catalyst for new offers that adapt their massive content library to current consumer expectations so that we can continue to grow the brand and expand its influence for the years to come.”

With this deal now in place, traffic partners, paysite networks, content providers and business owners interested in capitalizing on the new revenue streams being created are encouraged to contact Spike via HomegrownVideo.com.

“We are very interested in submissions and new content at a time when some others are exiting those areas because we see the industry changing again, and we are always looking ahead to what is coming next,” Spike said. “YourPaysitePartner and Stunner Media share the same vision for the Homegrown brand that we have in mind for it, and that makes this a solid move for us to make in the present to secure an even better position for our sites in the future.”

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