Kimber Haven Wins in 3 Grossy Awards Categories

DETROIT — Trans star Kimber Haven won in three categories in the 2017 Grossy Awards, held by the podcast “Gross Misconduct Live” on Monday night.

Haven, who was a guest on “Gross Misconduct Live” several times last year, won Favorite Guest, Most Interesting Guest and Most Popular Guest. “Gross Misconduct Live” is broadcast from Michigan and is part of the Orlando, Fla.-based Demon Seed Radio Network

“I love the ‘Gross Misconduct’ guys, and just being on their show is so much fun,” Haven said. “These awards are just icing on the cake. I was really floored at how many I won and so honored. This is a great start to 2017 and awards season. I’d like to thank everyone at ‘GML’ and all the listeners.”

“Gross Misconduct Live" features a variety of mainstream and adult guests, from porn stars to comedians. Haven will be appearing on the podcast again later this month. 

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