ASACP Honors January's Featured Sponsors

LOS ANGELES — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has announced its featured sponsors for January: Adult Webmaster Empire (AWE) and MindGeek. These companies, ASACP Executive Director Tim Henning said, exemplify “corporate responsibility” and “ethical operation” in the adult industry.

“Honoring the association’s featured sponsors highlights those flagship firms that make a visible commitment to the cause of online child protection,” Henning said. “As a non-profit association, ASACP survives on the generosity of its sponsors, and it is only with this help that it succeeds in its mission of keeping children away from adult-oriented materials.”

AWE, a platinum sponsor of ASACP for almost a decade, is known for the European webcam/chat platform LiveJasmin. ASACP said that cam models who register with LiveJasmin and its associated sites are subject to a rigorous age verification and screening process.

“We have ourselves developed some strong regulations in order to verify the age of the users and to keep children out of adult oriented materials,” said AWE/LiveJasmin CEO Karoly Papp. “We have been involved in this association since 2008, and we will keep doing so.”

Henning said that taking aggressive online child protection measures has been a “paramount concern” for ASACP platinum sponsor MindGeek.

“Families, guardians and business leaders all share a responsibility in ensuring children are not exposed to inappropriate content online,” said Catherine Dunn, VP of global operations for MindGeek. “Everyone has a role to play, and we do our part by ensuring age verification tools are an integral part of MindGeek’s extensive portfolio of industry-leading websites as legally required, so that only those who should enjoy our sites are able to.”

Dunn said, “ASACP is uniquely qualified to tackle the overwhelming challenge that is protecting children online. MindGeek is proud to be a platinum sponsor, and have supported the association in this cause for well over half a decade now.”

Henning said he applauds AWE and MindGeek for being so proactive with their age verification measures.

“There is a worldwide battle brewing over overreaching age- and area-based Internet restrictions, with consumers’ freedom of choice and merchants’ ability to profit hanging in the balance,” Henning said. “The new year is presenting new challenges, and now more than ever, ASACP needs your help in the fight to protect children — and the industry.”

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