Vivid Cabaret N.Y., Rick's Cabaret Girls Reveal New Year's Resolutions

NEW YORK — Performers for three of New York City’s gentlemen’s clubs — Vivid Cabaret, Rick’s Cabaret and Hoops Cabaret & Sports Bar — have revealed their New Year’s resolutions for 2017.

Angela, a performer at Vivid Cabaret New York, said that obtaining a stock broker’s license is one of her goals for 2017.

“I've been studying for the exam for a few months,” Angela said. “I'm almost ready to conquer Wall Street." 

Veronica, another Vivid Cabaret New York girl, said, "Everyone says my butt's so tight, you can bounce a quarter off it. Well, I'm shooting higher. I want you to be able to bounce a dollar off it."

Rick's Cabaret New York girl Kimmie has been pursuing a degree in fashion.

"In 2017,” Kimmie said, “I'm launching my own line of sexy clothing that looks great on you, and will have everyone asking you to peel out of them."

Harper, a performer at Hoops Cabaret & Sports Bar, said she would like to make a film with Bradley Cooper in 2017.

"A real movie, not a sex tape," Harper said. "I've been told that I'm a damn good actress.

Rick's Cabaret is located at 50 W. 33rd St. in Mid-Town Manhattan, and Hoops is next door at 48 W. 33rd St. Both clubs are located one block from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

Vivid Cabaret New York, also in Mid-Town Manhattan, is located at 61 W. 37th St.

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