Centerfold Strips Adds Sexy Golf Caddies

LOS ANGELES — Centerfold Strips has announced that its sexy caddies are available for work on golf courses in the United States.

“The Centerfold Strips Caddies are sexy, fun, playful and charming,” Centerfold Strips said. “Their uniforms are very sexy, consisting of a tight-fitting white top and a short plaid skirt. They are educated in the basic rules of golf etiquette and even how to drive a golf cart. The service is great for bachelor parties, corporate events, tournaments, charity fundraisers or even a friendly game with your buddies.”

Sexy caddies are a recent addition to Centerfold Strips, known for hiring adult performers for gentlemen’s clubs and hosting engagements.

“The gorgeous models from Centerfold Strips are hitting the greens to help you with your golf game, making it a lot more fun, and will definitely increase your yardage,” Centerfold Strips said. “In addition to caddying, the girls can handle player registrations, distribute score cards, sell raffle tickets, drive beverage carts, hostess and present awards at the ceremony.”  

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