Treasure Island's 'Mexican Buttsluts' Out Now

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media’s “Mexican Buttsluts,” produced by Paul Morris and directed by Mecos Films, is now available on DVD.

The gay title, produced in San Francisco, features Leo-ing, El Chivo, Jasc, Valmot, Sewer Boy, Raymer, Christiano, Alexis, Jacob, El Lobo, Thiago Mendoza, Zadec, Denyell RP and Eric Alonso and contains more than two hours of scenes.

“Porn at its best isn’t porn,” Morris said. “You hear guys say that, and you know what they mean. When you’re watching great porn, you’re seeing men doing exactly what they love doing. And they’re doing it the way they love doing it. But when it’s bad porn, you’re watching men pretending.”

Treasure Island Media said that “Mexican Buttsluts” features “a champion roster of studs and manwhores. If you need something to take your mind off the madness of the world — something that’ll show you what men at their best are all about — look no further.”

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