Lovely Couples Toy Available for Pre-Order

SAN FRANCISCO — Lovely has announced that its couples-oriented sex toy and app are available for pre-order for $99. The regular retail price will be $169.

“Lovely is the first smart and wearable sex toy designed to help couples have an even better sex life,” said Jacob Konik, CEO and founder of Lovely. “Designed to be worn by a man, it contains sensors that measure important characteristics of sex and combine them with the couple’s feedback and desires. Basically, Lovely learns and understands what you and your partner enjoy in bed and gives you suggestions on how to enjoy each other even more.”

Lovely’s sex toy, the company said, provides “clitoral stimulation thanks to its vibrations and enhances erections by slowing blood circulation inside of the man’s erectile tissue.”

According to Lovely, “Data gathered by the Lovely during sex is sent to the Lovely App, where it’s analyzed and merged with the couple’s feedback and desires. Afterwards, the Lovely App provides the couple with personalized suggestions on how to enhance their pleasure inside the bedroom.”

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