Nate Diaz Hosts Hoops' UFC 205 After Party in N.Y.

NEW YORK — MMA star Nate Diaz was the official host of the Hoops Cabaret & Sports Bar After Party, which followed the Manhattan club’s showing of the UFC 205 fights on Saturday night.

“Pro athletes, celebrities, and VIPs packed the three-story club and enjoyed dances from over 100 Hoops Cabaret girls,” a spokesperson said.

Hoops Cabaret girl Diana said she overheard talk that Diaz is anxious to fight Conor McGregor again. 

“Everyone wants to see that fight,” Diana said.

Hoops Cabaret girl Kendra said, “The second floor mezzanine and the third-floor balcony were packed with guys ‘making it rain’ on the girls dancing on the main stage. It was awesome.”

“There were so many VIPs getting dances, and hot girls everywhere you looked,” said Hoops Cabaret girl Jessica.

Hoops, a sister club of Rick’s Cabaret, combines elements of a sports bar and a gentlemen’s club. The club is located at 48 W. 33rd St. in Mid-Town Manhattan a block from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

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