Nasstoys' Elliot Schwartz Nominated for XBIZ Exec Award

LOS ANGELES — Nasstoys President Elliot Schwartz has been nominated for Businessman of the Year in the retail edition of the 2017 XBIZ Exec Awards, to be held at the Andaz Hotel on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in January.

The online edition of the 2017 XBIZ Exec Awards will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 10, followed by the retail edition on Wednesday, Jan. 11.

“I am honored to be acknowledged by my industry peers and friends with this nomination,” Schwartz said. “I’m always humbled by all of the wonderful people that have helped Nasstoys and me have such a long and successful career.”

Schwartz has spent 41 years in the pleasure products market and is still involved in every aspect of Nasstoys.

The XBIZ Exec Awards spotlight individuals who play an essential role in the success of prominent brands. The Businessman of the Year category, Nasstoys said, “recognizes a natural decision-maker equipped with hard-earned experience and an inherent ability to steer the ship.”

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