Nick Hawk Featured in Strip LV Magazine

LAS VEGAS — Nick Hawk, escort for and star of long-running Showtime series, “Gigolos,” is featured in the November issue of Strip LV Magazine. The article by Marla Santos, titled “Nick Hawk: Hang On Tight!,” features an in-depth interview discussing and photos by publisher Scott P. Santodonato. 

"During our interview and photo shoot with Nick, we found him entertaining and engaging,” Santodonato said. “He lives with no fear, no regrets, and a lust for life that in turn inspires others.”

During the interview, Hawk discussed his childhood, his time in the U.S. Air Force, his on-screen persona and how he feels women are replacing men in the Alpha role. 

“I enjoy turning on light bulbs with my clients and people I’m talking to,” Hawk said. “If I can say something that makes them go: ‘Oh, I never thought about it that way,’ that’s what I like to do. For every perspective in the book (“Nick Hawk’s 100 Kicks in the Ass”), I try to be a lightbulb. It’s a new, fresh, honest perspective. It’s bold, it’s in your face, and this is how you have to be if you want to be confident. You have to be firm and sure of yourself.” 

Hawk said, “Women are more driven than men. They work harder, they kind of want to one-up us, and men are getting lazy. Girls are even hitting the gym more than guys are in this day and age, and they’re really taking over the alpha male.”

To view Santos' article, visit this link.

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