Webstream Offers Software System for Cam Performers

LONDON — Webstream.co.uk is featuring a software system “for anyone who wants to broadcast live without middlemen shrinking their revenue streams,” the site said.

“Some who have watched a cam show backed by Webstream software have mistakenly concluded that Webstream is like all the other cam sites,” said Ben, CEO of Webstream. “So I wanted to set the record straight. We aren’t competing with the big cam networks, and we aren’t competing with cam models the way they do either. What we do is much simpler.”

Ben said, “Anyone can create a free account, add a couple lines of code to their paysite and instantly use our backend software to manage their own live cam shows, CallConnect pay per minute phone chat, VOD clip store, Pic Store and so much more — all while earning 75-85 percent of every dollar their content brings in, instead of the 20 percent some of the cam platforms pay out. That’s a huge difference worth noticing.”

Webstream Live Cams handle pay per minute, tipping and free rooms. Call Connect allows performers to charge per minute in 14 countries for phone chat without premium numbers. 

The clip store is designed for selling pre-recorded content, including past cam shows with thumbnails and a 1GB per video upload. 

“Unlike webcam networks that bring in traffic and send them to a listing page showing thousands of models, Webstream clients bring in their own traffic and are able to monetize it directly, without having their fans distracted by so many other offers for ‘girls that look just like this one,’ ads that don’t get included in their revenue share or other leaks in their earning potential,” Ben said, “It’s your site, your traffic, your Webstream, your money.”

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