Harriet Sugarcookie Conducts Poll on Sugar Daddies

LONDON — Harriet Sugarcookie recently conducted an online poll on sugar daddies and found that 23 percent of men have been in sugar daddy relationships.

The adult performer and blogger researched the subject further by signing up with SeekingArrangement.com and looking for her first “sugar baby.” She found Yumi, a London-based student/fashion model and met up with her in Budapest, Hungary for a weekend.

“I entered into an arrangement with Yumi to be my girlfriend, and we filmed our entire first weekend together," said Sugarcookie, who described their experiences in the posts “My Weekend With My Sugar Baby Yumi,” “What It's Really Like to Be a Sugar Baby” and “I Take Yumi's Lesbian Virginity.”

"When I kiss a girl, it always feels more romantic," Sugarcookie said. "Part of me wants to just go diving straight in, but I know it's better to wait."

Sugarcookie posted an interview with Yumi on YouTube.

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