APAG Announces Formation of Adult Industry Support Group

LOS ANGELES — The Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) has announced the formation of the Adult Industry Support Group (AISG), which will feature retired performers Melissa Hill and Ruby.

“The goal of the AISG is to provide veterans of the adult industry a safe place to discuss topics like their feelings about family issues, the judgments they deal with regarding their careers, and the challenges they face reintegrating with society, just to name a few,” a spokesperson for AISG said.

After leaving the adult industry, AISG said, many performers find it difficult to adjust to life outside the spotlight.

"I saw a great need for a support group, not only for performers and former performers, but for those who work behind the camera as well,” Hill said. "We need a safe and confidential space, where we can feel free to focus on issues unique to the adult industry without judgment — a place where we can share our experiences on topics ranging from social anxiety issues, stress, interpersonal relationships and many other topics that performers face on a day-to-day basis."

Ruby said, “There are a lot of challenges in this industry — challenges for those who are actively performing and those who have retired, for whatever reason. There are unique issues we deal with in this industry, and it affects us all. People who have a support system fare better. If you choose or are forced to retire, you will always find a community here for you — someone who gets it."

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