Roxie Rae Featured in 'Wedgies in Wonderland' Series

LOS ANGELES — Roxie Rae is featured in the new six-part fetish series, “Wedgies in Wonderland,” a parody of “Alice in Wonderland.” The series is now available at Clips4Sale.

“This tantalizing series has something for every fetish you desire: foot worship, belly button licking, spankings and of course, wedgies,” a spokesperson for Rae said. 

The plot of “Wedgies in Wonderland,” according to a spokesperson, finds Rae “transported through a magical rabbit hole to a world of white rabbits, talking caterpillars and tea parties. Each clip stars some of Roxie's favorite models.”  

“Wedgies in Wonderland, Part 1: The White Rabbit” features Rae, Scarlet Hart and Andi Page, while “Part 2: The Caterpillar” features Rae, Hart and Nyxon. 

“Part 3: The Cheshire Cat” features Rae and Cleo, while “Part 4: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party” features Rae, Akira Shell, Krystal Orchid and Alaina Rose. And “Part 5: The Queen of Hearts” features Rae, Goddess Brandon, Stefania Mafra and Lizzy Lamb.

In the finale, “Wedgies in Wonderland, Part 6: Waking Up” is featured with Hart — who plays her sister.

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