Helix Toys Now Distributing 'The Lovers' Dream'

ZEBULON, N.C. — Helix Toys has announced that it is now the exclusive distributor for Blue Dreams Global’s sexual aid The Lover’s Dream.

“Designed by sexual aid inventor Lawrence Mark, the Lovers’ Dream was designed to make a woman tighter and a male larger at the same time,” a spokesperson for Helix Toys said.

According to Helix Toys, “The device, which (has) a unique shape and (is) medically safe, will benefit both males and females from the increase in tension. The Lovers’ Dream can be used in various ways: it was designed to be inserted into a woman prior to sexual intercourse or attached to the man using an elastic ring or a condom. It can also be used for solo play.”

The Lovers' Dream features three different colors: blue, purple, and magenta. The device, Helix Toys said, is fully electronic and rechargeable and comes with five different vibration patterns.

"The Lovers' Dream provides variable vibrations in three erotic zones: the clitoris, the G-Spot, and the extra stimulation deep inside,” a Helix Toys spokesperson said. “The bullet tip can be placed either on the clitoral area or in the anal position, and the bulb will keep the product in place.” 

For more information, visit HelixToys.com or follow The Lovers' Dream on Twitter.