Entrenue Now Shipping 'Fifi' Male Masturbator

PHOENIX — Entrenue is now shipping Fifi, described as “a male masturbation device designed specifically to provide a realistic experience in a discreet, easy-to-clean package.”

“Unlike traditional tubular devices,” Entrenue said, “Fifi strokers start flat and can be rolled as tightly as the user likes with a disposable interior sleeve that, after use, can simply be tossed away — resulting in an effective and convenient masturbation method that appeals to men of all experience levels.”

Fifi sleeves, according to Entrenue, “unroll and lie flat when not in use, giving them the appearance of a small cushion rather than a sex toy and making them incredibly easy to store and keep out of sight. After use, the user simply disposes of the inner sleeve, making clean-up handy and almost effortless with no evidence left behind. And as an added bonus, each affordable unit is packaged with five disposable inner sleeves.”

Fifi is available in Mack Black, Fire Red, Rugged Grey, Big Blue and Commando Camouflage, with sleeve refill 10-packs available to promote repeat sales.

Entrenue President Joe Casella said, “Customers love this unique take on a male masturbator, and we are excited to bring Fifi products into our catalog by popular demand. Fifi strokers stray from the norm with a lightweight, discreet and completely nonrepresentational design that’s as welcoming as it is intriguing. We believe that Fifi products are the masturbators that many men have been waiting for, and we look forward to our customers reaping the benefits.”

Coming soon, Entrenue said, is the Hot Pocket, a Fifi sleeve warmer, and the Dominator, a Fifi sleeve with a studded interior for a sensual texture. Entrenue also will soon carry a proprietary spray-on lubricant, designed for optimal use with each Fifi sleeve.

To view the Fifi collection and the rest of Entrenue’s most recent catalog, visit Entrenue.com.

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