Nifty Solutions Announces Halloween Promotion

LOS ANGELES — Nifty Solutions has announced a Halloween promotion for its affiliate stats tracking software Nifty Stats. The promotion, now in effect, will continue until mid-November.

“We have a unique opportunity for every one of you who wants to try Nifty Stats but haven't had a chance to do so yet,” a company representative for Nifty Solutions said. “When you purchase the three-month version of Nifty Stats, we will give you one month absolutely free. This means that for the price of a three-month version, you will be able to analyze your earnings and expenses at thousands of affiliate programs for four months. But please note that this promo is limited, and it’s available only until Nov. 16, 2016.”

Nifty Solutions released a new version of Nifty Stats earlier this month.

“Don't hesitate (to) take advantage of this Happy Halloween promo right now,” a spokesperson said.

To read more on Nifty Stats’ new features, visit Nifty Solutions' blog.

To purchase the Nifty Stats software, visit this link.

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