HarrietSugarcookie.com Posts 'Crocodile Dentist With Zoe Doll'

LONDON — HarrietSugarcookie.com, the lifestyle site of U.K.-based adult performer, cam model and lifestyle blogger Harriet Sugarcookie, has posted "Crocodile Dentist With Zoe Doll" — a new scene featuring Spanish performer Zoe Doll.

"During my sleepover with Zoe Doll, I got to shoot another video for Porn Stars Play Games, my even geekier YouTube channel," Sugarcookie said. "We played Crocodile Dentist, a classic game we all played when teeth falling out was still a good thing. To add jeopardy, the loser had to twerk."

Since Doll's visit to London in September, a spokesperson for Sugarcookie said, HarrietSugarcookie.com “has seen a marked increase in online traffic overall, and attention to big-booty star Doll in particular.”

“Zoe really knows how to have fun, and you can see it in our videos," Sugarcookie said. "She's up for anything, and I think the fans enjoyed her as much as I did. I can't wait to hang out with her again."

HarrietSugarcookie.com, a spokesperson said, features “an engaging, eclectic mix of the British/Asian teen porn star's interests, with articles about pop culture, sex, sci-fi/fantasy films, fashion, advice, food and entertainment alongside homemade amateur porn video clips and free cam shows — the ultimate lifestyle site for men.”

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