Rock'n Products Sponsors Air Guitar Contest

LOS ANGELES — Rock’n Products sponsored an air guitar contest in Los Angeles at Sienna Sinclaire’s Naughty ‘80s Party, offering cash, prizes and a chance to compete on the world stage. And Rock’N Products has announced that it is searching for “the next great air guitar champion to sponsor his/her participation in next year’s worldwide air guitar championship.”

Rock’n Products has featured products such Rock On for Him, Rock Out for Her, Sexual Energy for Him and Her, and Hangover Help.

“Rock On is looking for the perfect combination of rockin’ energy, true skill and sex appeal,” Rock’n Products President Keith Caggiano said. “Rock On is all about sex, supplements and rock ‘n’ roll; so this weekend’s Naughty ‘80s Party was the perfect venue to kick off the Air Guitar Contest.”

A spokesperson for Rock’n Products said of the weekend competition, “Participants drove the crowd wild with their on-stage antics, performing to their favorite rock songs, and partied the night away without the fear of suffering from a hangover the following day. Rock On supplied contestants with Rock Out Hangover Defense and Recovery Shots. The great tasting citrus punch-flavored shot features a blend of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and herbs that detoxify and prevent hangover symptoms by supporting healthy liver function (and) ensure a good night and a great tomorrow.”

Rock’n Products said, “Rock On is introducing consumers to the exciting world of recreational enhancement products by hosting sexy, rockin’ events throughout the Los Angeles and beyond. Recreational enhancement supplements cater to the needs of today’s consumers’ active lifestyles by putting the fun in function.”

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