Philadelphia's Sexploratorium Announces Fall Workshops

PHILADELPHIA — Sexploratorium, located upstairs from Kali Morgan’s Passional Boutique in Philadelphia, has announced a series of Passion 101 adult sex education workshops for late October, November and early December.

“Making Dirty Movies for Fun and Profit,” presented by Jules, will be held this Saturday, Oct. 29. Sexploratorium said, “This class will give you the tools and know-how to embark on your own porn-making adventure, and maybe even make some cash doing it.”

“Kink About It,” to be hosted by A.R. on Nov. 5, “will encompass some of the basics of BDSM as well as ways to incorporate kinky play into your sexual adventure,” Sexploratorium said.

“Pegging Like a Pro,” to be hosted by Jules on Nov. 6, will address strap-on play — and “Rope for Every Body: Awareness and Positivity in Rope,” will be hosted by The Black Pomegranate on Nov. 12. 

“The Black Pomegranate will present a body-positive, body-aware way to think about and practice rope bondage,” according to Sexploratorium. “Learn foundational ties, how to prepare and negotiate a scene, and how to create satisfying experiences. 

“Introduction to Pony Play,” to be hosted by Ms. Adelasia and Ponyboys Rusty and Stormy on Nov. 19, will address the BDSM practice known as pony play. 

“Burlesque 101,” to be hosted by HoneyTree EvilEye on Nov. 26, “will walk you through the basics of putting together a sexy burlesque number,” Sexploratorium said. 

“Dispatch from the Frontlines: The Latest About Sex Toys and Accessories” will be hosted by Caitlin Murphy on Dec. 2.

“The adult industry is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with,” Sexploratorium said. “Caitlin Murphy has done the research and has found reputable information from all corners of the industry: bloggers, sex educators, and retailers doing the dirty work, so you don't have to.”

The Dec. 2 workshop, according to Sexploratorium, is “great for professionals — sexuality educators, medical professionals, sex workers — and the curious alike, whether you want to inform yourself for your work or your next purchase. 

To purchase tickets, visit this link.

Passional Boutique and Sexploratorium are located at 317 South St. in Philadelphia.

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