Ashley Manta Starts Weekly Column for Dope Magazine

LOS ANGELES — Adult sex educator Ashley Manta is now writing an online column/blog for Dope Magazine. A spokesperson for Manta said that the column, launched last month, “reflects Manta's life in the study of cannabis, sexuality and (the) intersection of both, and her practical applications.”

"I was delighted when Dope approached me to write a weekly blog about my adventures," Manta said. "Sharing stories about my sex life, relationships, and my cannasexual adventures feels like a stellar opportunity to connect in a real and relatable way with Dope’s dedicated readership.” 

The topics that Manta has addressed so far in her column/blog range from her collection of sex toys to settling into a new apartment with accommodations for cannabis supplies.

“By sharing my experiences, I hope to be a beacon of permission — starting conversations about subjects that have traditionally been considered taboo,” Manta said. “I hope to soften the restrictive boundaries and limiting beliefs holding people back from being their best selves.”

Abigail Ross, content director for Dope Magazine, said, “I pursued Ashley Manta because of her ability to be raw and transparent on the topic of sex and cannabis. She is educating the cannabis industry in a way no one else is, and her energy is contagious."

Planned future topics for Manta’s column, according to a spokesperson, “include her first road trip with a lover, attending a puja ceremony, and favorite moments from her conversations with both adult and cannabis industry friends.”

Manta is the author of the e-book, “A Feminist’s Guide to Phone Sex,” published in Mar. 2014.

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