Godemiche Features Dildos With Suction Cups

LONDON — Godemiche, creator of hand-made silicone dildos, has launched new versions of its Ambit and Adam dildos that feature built-in suction cups.

“The all-in-one design means that the firmness of the dildo isn't compromised while giving incredible suction strength,” a Godemiche spokesperson said. “The base profile of the dildos is unchanged, which means that they can be used in harness just the same as the standard dildos.”

Adam Breedon, founder and president of Godemiche, said, “Pleasure is the name of the game, and who doesn’t love a good suction cup? Suction cups that don’t work are a pain in the rear, so we made a supper sucky suction that will easily handle the wildest of rides. The suction cup is created while we make the dildo, meaning it’s a one-piece product — which means there are no weak points for damages to happen, and a greater amount of force can be applied before the suction cup pops off. We have also ensured the dildos are easily removed, making a pleasurable experience and easy cleanup.”

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