Yummy Gummy Latex Announces U.K. Promotional Campaign

LONDON — Yummy Gummy Latex, manufacturer of latex attire, has announced a new promotional campaign for the U.K. The campaign, Yummie Gummy said, will involve aggressive retail promotions.

"The U.K. is the home of the best and most creative latex designers in the world,” said Rebecca Allsop, designer for Yummy Gummy Latex. “Latex clothing is getting more and more popular and mainstream, and with the cost of importing increasing, it is a great time for retailers to stock U.K.-made products. Yummy Gummy designs are popular with customers who take a fun approach to both fashion and fetish wear."

A spokesperson for Yummy Gummy Latex said, “The company offers a ready-to-wear collection for U.K. sizes 8-18, which can be customized to suit a retailer’s customer base. With a wide range of plain, glitter and pattern latex to choose from….. retailers can let their imagination run wild to create unique and exclusive collections.”

According to a spokesperson, “Yummy Gummy's innovation isn't restricted to clothing. A recent collaboration saw them teaming up with Godemiche to create a dildo to match their pink glitter latex.”

For more information, visit YummyGummyLatex.com or follow the U.K.-based company on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.