Pornington Post Launches, Mixing Politics, Pop Culture and Parody

LOS ANGELES — The adults-only satirical website Pornington Post has launched, featuring a mixture of politics, pop culture and parody. All of the content is free, exclusively found at

“With the Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump election coverage at full boil, Pornington Post tweaks the political machine with a trio of Trump clips, hilariously played by porn star favorite Evan Stone,” a spokesperson for Pornington Post said.

The clips are “Deep Throat Diplomacy,” “Motorboating Malia” and “Bobblehead Buttplug,” which features Blair Summers as Ivanka Trump.

“With this exciting launch, Pornington Post is just getting started,” a spokesperson said.

The third presidential debate will coincide with Pornington Post’s release of the clip “Creampie Debate” on Oct. 18, followed by a cuckold parody scene on Oct. 25 that lampoons President Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump. 

Pornington Post will feature adult star Nina Hartley as Hillary Clinton and will also offer parodies of  “The Walking Dead” and “Grey's Anatomy” as well as spoofs of Paris Hilton, Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and the Olsen Twins.

“Pornington Post is a free adults-only satire site that outrageously lampoons the sexual exploits of political leaders and celebrities that shape pop culture today,” a spokesperson said. “The site fearlessly skewers the famous and the infamous in scathing hardcore porn scenes that reflect the collective attitude of modern U.S. culture.”

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