AW Media Launches AW Campus

BRASOV, Romania — AW Media, organizers of Romania's AW Summit, recently launched AW Campus, described by a spokesperson as “a crazy two-day-long competition between gorgeous cam models.”

According to AW Media, “The event itself took place in the Romanian mountainside near Brasov, where we rented a whole resort so the girls could test their mettle against each other in a relaxed environment. Twenty-four girls from six studios participated and competed throughout the two days in various rounds. Whether they had to test their physical abilities or persuasive skills, the goal was to gather the most points and to take home the trophy as the winning studio.”

An AW Media spokesperson said, “The first day started with an obstacle course where models had to work as a team and get through the challenge together. Obviously, they really enjoyed the games, such as the zip line and the bungee. In the night, they had to put their creativity and communication skills to the test when they had to invent and advertise their own products in the form of presentation. Of course, the wildest ideas popped out from their heads, and the whole room was laughing together on the makeshift business projects.”

AW Campus featured a variety of physical and mental games.

“On the second day,” an AW Media representative said, “we took them on sort of a scavenger hunt, where they had to hunt for clues hidden all along the trail — and they had to make photographic proof of their findings. The only twist was that they had to do this while driving ATVs in pairs. It has become a crazy ride on four wheels in the rain and mud. Of course, everyone enjoyed it a lot.”

While AW Campus’ judges were calculating the contestants’ points, a spokesperson said, “the models attended a workshop held by an expert on body language, so they could learn something after all the fun that can help them working more efficiently.”

AW Media said, “Whether we look at the event as team building, competition or simply an eventful weekend getaway, it was definitely a success.”

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