Rocks-Off Wins 2 Sign Awards

LONDON — Rocks-Off won Best Male Pleasure Range in Sign Magazine’s 2016 Sign Awards, and the U.K.-based pleasure products manufacturer also took home Sign’s Most Innovative Toy awards for its vibrator, the Ruby Glow. 

“We are absolutely delighted to have won in these important categories,” said Andrea Duffy, international sales director for Rocks-Off. “We would like to thank Sign Magazine for placing a spotlight on these products, which so much hard work has gone into producing.”

Duffy said, “It has been a spectacular quarter for male product releases at Rocks-Off, and we are particularly proud of our new Intense ten-function USB-rechargeable prostate and perineum massagers, as well as Quest — our beginners prostate bullet— and the next generation of the popular RO-Zen, the RO-Zen Pro.”

Duffy said that Rocks-Off are honored to see the Ruby Glow recognized as Most Innovative Toy.

“The Most Innovative Toy category is highly important to us, because we have built a legacy on these products, and it is crucial for a manufacturer to demonstrate this if they are to be successful in the long-term,” Duffy said. “Ruby Glow has had such an incredible year of mainstream media attention starting with appearances in Good Housekeeping Magazine, followed by The Sun newspaper and winning high praise on the U.K. daytime TV show, 'This Morning,' where U.K. sexpert Tracey Cox hailed it as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘ideal for disabled users.’ All of this attention has been (due) to its innovative design, and we are extremely grateful that this has been recognized."

For more information on Rocks-Off, visit the official website or follow the company on Twitter.