CCBill Partners With YNOT Mail

TEMPE, Ariz. — Global payment services provider CCBill announced today that YNOT Group will offer their YNOT Mail marketing solution as a part of the CCBill Integration Partners marketplace. 

“The partnership will considerably reduce integration, maintenance and administration costs of the solution for website owners who have CCBill as their payment system of choice, allowing CCBill merchants to easily access the most complete e-mail automation software, specialized for nearly every category of digital content,” a CCBill representative said.

According to CCBill, “YNOT Mail offers all the benefits of a hosted e-mail marketing service: robust analytics, opt-in list management, auto-responders, personalization, dynamic content, and split-testing. But YNOT Mail also offers users the added bonus of a proprietary solution to increase deliverability and click-through rates for the e-mail marketing of digital content. All these useful features are made possible thanks to YNOT’s stellar reputation with ISPs and their strong 20-year presence in the online entertainment industry."

Jay Kopita, co-owner of the YNOT Group, said, “We are thrilled to partner with CCBill, a company we respect so much, that we made them a member of the YNOT Hall of Fame in 2014 at the YNOT Awards. CCBill has spent almost two decades building trust and demonstrating excellence in the online digital space; so we’re really excited to be working with them to offer YNOT Mail to their loyal base of merchants. This partnership makes a lot of sense for CCBill merchants because it helps them gain access to the e-mail marketing software and deliverability services they need to drive greater profits from their existing customer e-mail lists.”

Chris Pike, channel manager for CCBill, said, “E-mail marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and measurable ways to build a stronger targeted relationship with a wider group of customers. Our partnership with YNOT Group brings a powerful set of marketing automation and reporting tools to CCBill Merchants to help them optimize the performances of their e-mail campaigns and drive better sales results.”

CCBill’s Integration Partners marketplace presents a variety of third-party software solutions and tools to help merchants and affiliates manage their business. The CCBill Integration Partners library features listings for proprietary and open source tools and modules, including plug-ins for WordPress blog software, member management modules, shopping cart modules, streaming and live cam tools, affiliate services, analytics tools, automated sales recovery tools, content providers, reputation management, and payment services.

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