Bunny Ranch Employees Announce 'Tarts For Trump' Campaign

CARSON CITY — Some employees of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, one of Dennis Hof’s legal brothels in Nevada, have announced their support of Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump and the opening of a “Tarts For Trump” office inside the brothel. 

The announcement was made today on the Bunny Ranch’s official blog. Tarts For Trump, according to Trump supporters at the Bunny Ranch, is meant to be a counterbalance to Hookers For Hillary — a group of Nevada brothel workers who are supporting Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Some of Hof's employees are supporting Trump, while others are endorsing Clinton.

Jazzy Nicole, a founder of Tarts For Trump and employee of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, said, “We think there are a lot of working girls who are going to vote for Trump, but are afraid to say so because the 'Hookers For Hillary' movement has gotten so much attention. We want Mr. Trump to know that lots of legal hookers like him, and that so much of what he says and stands for is very supportive of prostitution and improving the daily lives of working girls.”

Tarts For Trump said that issues inspiring them to support trump include “strong borders,” “veterans,” “America first” and a “child care deduction.”

Tarts For Trump, addressing Trump’s stand on border security, said, “Donald Trump has made the need to build a wall along our southern border a central issue of his campaign, and Nevada's legal prostitutes have experienced first-hand the positive results of barrier protection. Whether that barrier is made of concrete or latex, the ladies of the Bunny Ranch reprise the immortal words of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev when they sing in unison, 'Mr. Trump, build that wall.’”

Tarts For Trump said they support Trump’s “America first” stand.

Tarts For Trump said, "Donald Trump's protectionist trade policies have resonated with the Bunny Ranch's prostitutes who have long been frustrated with competition from overseas prostitutes who severely undercut their rates and cost American sex workers jobs."

Tarts For Trump, addressing Trump’s position on child care, said, "Because many of the single mothers who work as Bunny Ranch prostitutes earn lucrative annual incomes that land them in the top bracket of taxpayers, they would benefit from Trump's proposed child care deduction.”

Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch and six other legal brothels in Nevada, said he is leaving it up to the Tarts For Trump and Hookers For Hillary factions at his brothels to conduct their opposing campaigns as they see fit. Hof is a candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket this November for state assemblyman in Nevada's 36th district and said he encourages all his employees to speak up about their political preferences.

"My girls have to decide whether Clinton or Trump will be the better friend to prostitutes if elected,” Hof said. “Nevada is a battleground state in the presidential election, so their votes could have a real impact."

For more information on Hof, visit DennisHof.com or follow him on Twitter.

For more information on the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, visit their official website.