Helix Toys Reports Growth With Speciality Brands

ZEBULON, N.C. — Helix Toys has reported that in the last few months, they have “continued to show success.” The pleasure products distributor was founded earlier this year.

“It has been a pretty wild ride,” said Ronnie Coutu, CEO of Helix Toys. “We have learned a lot from not only our manufacturers, but also, our customers. They have helped us shape our business into being exactly what they needed or were missing from other companies.” 

A spokesperson for Helix Toys said, “Once they brought in Hot Flowers by HSaint as well as the Satisfyer Pro 2 and (the) Impulse Novelties Closet Collection, they found their niche was specialty brands that weren’t commonly found in stores.”

“It has been fun to help our customers learn about new products, and then in turn, increase their retail sales,” said Ashley Lambert, supply chain officer for Helix Toys. “It has made us more than just an account rep, but also, their friend. That has truly been the most rewarding (part) of starting your own company.”

Helix Toys said it ”has plans to add other specialized products to their website to continue being a unique distributor in the industry. Until that time, customers can continue to enjoy the company’s partnership with Satisfyer, Hot Flowers, and Impulse Novelties as well as the other brands in their lineup.”

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