Lucas Kazan's 'The Spanish Connexxxion' Now Available

LOS ANGELES — Lucas Kazan Productions has announced the release of “The Spanish Connexxxion,” a gay title directed by Ettore Tosi, produced by Kazan and filmed on location in Madrid and Barcelona. 

The film’s international cast includes four Spaniards — Hector De Silva, Dario Beck, Robbie Rojo and Segyo — along with British actor Brute Club and Italy native Tosi, who performs in “The Spanish Connexxxion” in addition to directing it.

Tosi said, “It's an all-star international cast, all uncut. Ettore, Robbie — Dario and Hector on the cover — are what dreams are made of. All the more if those dreams speak languages other than English.”

Lucas Kazan Productions has been producing gay adult films and content since 1998.

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