CockyBoys' 'One Erection' Finale Now Available

NEW YORK — CockyBoys have announced the release of the final episode of the mini-series “One Erection: The (Un)making of a Boy Band.” Directed by Jake Jaxson and drag star Chi Chi LaRue, the finale is now available at  

“In more ways than one,” a spokesperson for CockyBoys said, “the drama comes to a head in this final installment of ‘One Erection: The (Un)making of a Boy Band.’”

CockyBoys owner Jake Jaxson said, “Lately I have been asked, poked and prodded as to why our feature projects take so long. While I'm accused of being a perfectionist — and I can be — that is not the reason. The reason is simple: I always want to rise to the level of work that I receive from the talented people that I'm fortunate to work with. And this project is a prime example. A year ago, Chi Chi LaRue and I pulled together a stellar cast and crew and spent seven days shooting what became the bulk and foundation of ‘One Erection: The (Un)Making of a Boy Band.’"

Jaxson said, “During and after the shoot, I was truly astonished by what we created. Everyone — cast and crew alike — all delivered funny, smart, nuanced, and inspiring performances that truly went over and beyond. It was beyond what even I expected going into creating our first porn parody. In fact, I believe their work can hold up and stand on its own outside of just porn.”

Jaxson spoke highly of LaRue’s contributions to the mini-series’ finale.

"For this project, we were thrilled to work with Chi Chi LaRue as a co-director,” Jaxson said. “This was, in every sense of the word, a true collaboration, and it's truly been a career highlight to be able to work with and be inspired by someone so dedicated to the art of porn. I'm so grateful for his energy, love and point of view.

Jaxson said, “We all really did have so much fun making this series, and I think that shows. And let me just say how important and necessary that is: having fun and laughing while you work. More and more, I have become disheartened by the tone, tenor and cynicism in much of the porn space today. It's competitive when it does not need to be, with unrealistic expectations mixed with jealously, creating a toxic brew of bombastic vitriol that is just depressing. And to be fair, it’s not just our little slice of ‘porn opera’; it's now every day with the Trumpifcation of life, where everyone is shamed, ridiculed and put down for what makes them different.”

Jaxson said, "And this is one of the reasons I wanted to make a project like this — to poke fun at the silliness of it all: labels, fame, sex, shame, and sin. Because at the end of the day, we only have one life to live, and there is only now, day to day."

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