NoctisOne Offers Payment Solution for More Than 100 Countries

LONDON — NoctisOne, a mass payout platform, has launched a new service that enables businesses in Europe and worldwide to send funds to a recipient’s bank account via a direct bank transfer network in more than 100 countries across North America, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

“The platform provides a solution that allows businesses to utilize the bank wire system when sending cross-border payments,” a NoctisOne representative said. “With NoctisOne, businesses can log onto the company’s platform and send money to a bank account anywhere, thus improving transfer time of cross-border payments to affiliates, traffic partners, contractors, developers, suppliers and more.”

NoctisOne, which is headquartered in the U.K., said their platform “makes it more simple than ever for online and offline businesses to transfer funds worldwide — almost anywhere in the world. NoctisOne ensures that money will reach (the) recipient’s bank account without the receiving party incurring any international wire transfer fees. Additionally, NoctisOne’s wire service is not reliant on the recipient being a NoctisOne account holder; only the sending party needs to be a qualified NoctisOne account holder.”

The NoctisOne team, a spokesperson said, works with subscription companies, dating companies, webcam studios and models, traffic providers, payroll companies, migrant workers and online affiliates worldwide “to deliver efficient mass payout solutions for business-to-person, business-to-business and person-to-person payments.”

NoctisOne said, “Although NoctisOne does have a direct API for those that require it, NoctisOne does not require any technology integration into an enterprise — just access to NoctisOne’s website.”

NoctisOne said it “is also an e-wallet platform, which allows instant funds transfers globally from NoctisOne account holder to account holder. Access your funds in the NoctisOne e-wallet anywhere, anytime you need. Paired with our prepaid MasterCard, the NoctisOne e-wallet is the perfect mass payment partner.”

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