Vivid Cabaret N.Y. Performers Feature Back-To-School Look

NEW YORK — Some of the performers at Vivid Cabaret New York are greeting autumn with a back-to-school look.

Diana, one of the Vivid Cabaret New York girls and an economics major in college, said, “My life is a perfect balance. I get to use my brain during the day in class. And at night, I get to show off my body."

Monroe, also a Vivid Cabaret New York girl, said, “The next time we plan to be wearing back-to- school outifts is next Wednesday. Hope you'll come see me." 

Monroe said, "I'm all about getting good grades in school. Sometimes, the professors stare at my boobs, but I don’t mind."

Vivid Cabaret New York is located at 61 W. 37th St. in Mid-Town Manhattan within walking distance of Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. The club features three floors, deluxe suites, a VIP lounge, a 26-foot stripper pole, and a rooftop garden and smoking lounge.

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