ATKingdom Releases 'Damn That's Hairy 2'

MESA, Ariz. — ATKingdom has announced the release of “Damn That’s Hairy 2,” now available on DVD. 

“This release yet again brings all the hairiest pussies around and puts them on full display,” a spokesperson for ATKingdom said. “Never before have so many hairy pussies been played with on one DVD. It’s a glorious sight to behold.”

“Damn That’s Hairy 2” features Felix Weatherwood, Paulette, Vesyacia Jon-quil, and others.

Melissa Campos, operations manager for ATKingdom, said, “’Damn That’s Hairy’ makes a triumphant return with ‘Damn That’s Hairy 2.’ This installment brings back everything you loved about the original. In other words, it’ll really make you say, ‘Damn, that really is hairy.'”

For sales and distribution information, e-mail or call (818) 265-0200.

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