Michelle Austin, Chris Sowa Hold Indiegogo Campaign for Trump Parody

HOUSTON — Trans performer/director Michelle Austin and Chris Sowa from the “Sex with Strangers” podcast have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a Donald Trump parody, which would be a gangbang film.

“As the election season has dragged on, it has become increasingly clear that the only appropriate response to Trump’s candidacy is a hardcore gangbang sponsored by the American electorate,” a spokesperson for Austin’s company, Kennston Productions, said.

As of Tuesday morning, the campaign had raised $2645 with 11 backers.

“About one week into this three-week effort, the quest to make American porn parodies great again has raised about half of its overall goal,” Kennston’s representative said. 

Kennston Productions said, “Yes, the fate of the free world is a serious matter, and there is something undeniably tragic about the current state of American politics. But there is often comedy in tragedy.”

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