Nifty Solutions Announces New Features

LOS ANGELES — Nifty Solutions has announced the addition of new features to their affiliate stats tracking software Nifty Stats.

“We have added more improvements in addition to tracking thousands of adult and non-adult affiliate programs and advertising networks,” Nifty Solutions said. 

Nifty Stats now features a toolbar called “Analyze,” which makes it easier to see how well advertising campaigns are performing.

“By turning on ‘Analyze: Campaigns,’ you will get an overall view of all campaigns’ performances for the selected period,” Nifty Solutions said. “You can sort the list of campaigns by any parameter to find the most effective and the worst performing campaigns. If you have campaigns with the same name across multiple programs, then the statistics for these campaigns will be added together from every program where it is used.”

Nifty Solutions said it now features even more detailed analysis of traffic and campaigns than before. For example, Nifty Solutions said, companies can see how well a campaign performed or how well they are doing with Google AdWords or BingAds.

“For campaigns,” Nifty Solutions said, “you can see not only the overall results for a selected period, but the daily, monthly, etc. charts and tables as well, as you are already used to during program analysis. You can also simultaneously compare campaign results for two selected periods.” 

Nifty Solutions said, “Monitoring campaigns performance can be difficult when you use multiple sources and/or traffic targets within a single campaign. The campaign analysis in Nifty Stats helps to solve this problem.”

To read more on Nifty Stats’ new features, visit Nifty Solutions' blog.

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