Women and Couples Wellness to Demonstrate Hi Massager on Oct. 10

SAN FRANCISCO — During an invitation-only session, women will provide live demonstrations of Hi, a new massager from Women and Couples Wellness.

The session will be held from 2:30-5 p.m. on Oct. 10 at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco. The event is strictly for media professionals, sexologists and related health professionals and will give reporters a preview before it is presented on national TV.

“The massage is fully clothed, and visiting media personnel may participate in the couples massage training class if they wish,” a spokesperson for Women and Couples Wellness said. “If they prefer to experience it in private, they may also try the device later in a separate private area at the Institute. Of course, any participation is optional. Women volunteering will provide live demonstrations and be available for interviews afterwards.”

According to Women and Couples Wellness, "During the presentation, sexologists trained in using Hi will teach guests how to use it for a 20-minute massage routine. This program was developed to optimally relax and arouse women by first spending ten minutes focusing on pressure points on the body. Then if women desire, they can receive abdominal and pelvic massage for the remainder of the time. The routine was originally created to work with women who have challenges experiencing orgasm. However, for women without challenges, it frequently induces multiple orgasms during the massage.”

Seating for the Oct. 10 event is very limited. To reserve a space, e-mail Steve McGough at Steve@womenandcouples.com or call (910) 216-2293.

Hi was recently featured in an article for Thrillist.com. To read Charyn Pfeuffer’s article, visit this link.

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