2Gay4FB.com, 2Hot4FB.com Offer JSON-Formatted Ads

LOS ANGELES — Cybersocket and Lightspeed Media have announced that sister sites 2Gay4FB.com and 2Hot4FB.com can now deliver JSON-formatted ads.

“It's an excellent alternative to handle dynamic, advertiser-controlled banners,” said Steve Lightspeed, CEO of Lightspeed Media. “This technology replaces i-frames, eliminates browser incompatibility, ad blocking, and click reporting issues.”

According to a spokesperson for Cybersocket, “After a year and a half of operating and delivering hundreds of millions of ad impressions to users, both sites are striving to stay on the cusp of effective ad delivery for their clients. Both sites sell on a CPC or CPM basis.”

For straight traffic on 2Hot4FB.com, e-mail Steve Lightspeed at steve@2hot4fb.com.

For gay traffic on 2Gay4FB.com, e-mail Morgan Sommer at morgan@cybersocket.com.

For more information on 2Hot4FB.com, follow them on Twitter.

For more information on Cybersocket, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.