Rodney Moore Posts Music Video on YouTube

LOS ANGELES — Adult director/performer Rodney Moore, using the name David Perry, has posted a new music video of his original song, “What Kind of Fool,” on YouTube. Moore wrote the song in 1990, originally recording a demo with an SP-12 drum machine and a four-track cassette deck. 

Recently, a spokesperson said, Moore “redid it in Pro Tools, using most of the original SP-12 sounds, including various horn samples and noises. He played all the other instruments in the song, along with providing the vocals, writing the lyrics and producing the track and video.”

To view the video, visit this link.

“Although I love covering other people’s songs, I have a lot of songs that I’ve written and want to share with the world,” Moore said. “I’m very pleased with the master remake that I did of this song and hope people enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.”

To view all of Moore’s music videos under the name David Perry, visit his YouTube page.

Moore was in the music industry before entering the adult industry in 1992. In 1985, Moore raised money for food banks with “Give Just a Little" — a charitable recording along the lines of “We Are the World.”

In 1997, Moore produced the "See It Through My Eyes" album for singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks, using the name David Perry. Brooks is best known for her 1996 hit “(I’m a) Bitch.”

Moore also worked with smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G and rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot.  

In the adult industry, Moore heads his own company, Rodnievision, and is known for “Scale Bustin Babes,” “Horny Hairy Girls” and other film lines.

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